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Registration guide

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The COMET Football Management System is used by all football clubs, leagues, area associations and referees in Wales.  All players and coaches are required to register on the FAW Comet system.


Registration process:


1. Complete the InterPenarth player registration form by clicking on this link: ​Inter Penarth Registration Form


The information in this form will be deleted once it has been entered on to the FAW Comet System. Please see the FAW Privacy Policy for details of how your data will be stored.


2. Send a headshot of the player to, annotated with the player's full name.


3. Pay your membership fee (£100 per season) to:

  • Inter Penarth |  20-18-27 | 60131393

  • Reference:  Player's name and age group (e.g. M Jones U8)

4. Wait for an email from Comet with the player's registration form attached as a pdf


5. Sign the form, either by digital signature or by printing, signing and scanning / photographing the form.  Please ensure that you:​

  • Add your full name (parent / guardian) to the box at the bottom of the form.  If the player is over 16 then the player's name must be added.

  • Sign the form.

  • Date the form.

6. Send the form by email to, with the player's full name and age group in the email subject.  Do not sent it back to Comet.


7. Inform your coach.


8. Once all the form has been uploaded to Comet and verified by FAW, you will be sent a digital Comet ID card by Comet. If you haven't received this after 21 days, please email the Membership Secretary (

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